How to Keep a Smart, Sexy, Well-Traveled Woman

Over the years I have met so many single women who are in their 30’s to early 40’s, are well traveled, entrepreneurs and kicking ass at sports wondering why they struggle with men. I myself have had unsuccessful relationships that typically end for simular reasons to one another. Whilst traveling to over 35 countries and talking to a variety of women from different cultural back grounds i’ve discovered similar complaints between them about dating.

We often feel men admire us and are even attracted to us for all of these amazing qualities we possess but with time they sometimes become jealous, competitive or deflated by us. The very things they desired in us end up being what they dislike. Although its nice being able to inspire our partner its also sad being broken up with over and over again because they did not realize what the long term effects would be of dating such a women so i’m making a list for the men. A list which will help them in making sure they are not biting off more then they can chew when pursuing a relationship with these type of women.

She is over 30 – This may excite a lot of younger men but be aware of our superior sexual knowledge. In the beginning this made you so horny you could not keep your hands off off her but also know that over time this has the ability to make you realize how much you still have to learn. Men may start to wonder how many other men other have slept with in order to learn so many awesome moves and this may not sit well with you. She knows her body a lot better then you do at this point and is not afraid to show you. You might be intimidated or even feel offended at first but go with it and see where it leads you. If you do decide to stick it out with her know she will be the best, most complete lover you will ever have.

She is well traveled – She has been to more countries then you have been to football games. This makes her interesting and cultured. You are intrigued by her stories of kayaking in Patagonia or kiteboarding in Lebanon but once you have heard the stories you may find yourself feeling jealous or bored. In the beginning its interesting but if you have not been to these places then when she meets other people who have you may be left out of the conversations. If you end up traveling together somewhere she will be the one taking charge in taxi’s and speaking different languages to book your hotels rooms whilst you may feel inferior standing in the back. We know you men like to take care of us but we are more experienced in the beginning and may have to take care of you. If you decide to stick it out then know she will take a step back and let you take care of her once she knows you can.

She is successful – She may have or does own her own business or has a high level job. Many women at this point in their lives have earned a lot of economic or financial success. You love this about her. You don’t feel like she is taking advantage of you on dates and has no problem in paying her way but she doesn’t rely on you. She doesn’t need you. When you are dating this is a huge relief but when you want to get serious with someone being needed is what makes you feel worthy. It feels nice to have a women to work for who loves and appreciates you for your hard work but these women are independent and this might make you feel useless. If you decide to stick it out then know she loves it when you take care of her and she does need you. She needs you in ways that will make you feel more of a man then you even knew possible.

She is awesome at sports – She is toned and powerful. Women find at this age they are stronger and healthier then ever. You find her sexy and alluring. She may even be better at sports then you are but after time you may realize that you miss your sport time being the guys. You liked man time when doing sports and then going home to a women who admired you for being all strong and sweaty. Instead she is out there with your or maybe even ahead of you. This might after time make you resentful for taking your man time away or just irritated at her for her lack of “house / wife-like” qualities. If you decide to stick it out then you will see that your most memorable and enjoyable times in life are those times she is right there beside you.

She is surrounded by men – When you meet her you will see many other men trying to get her attention in the same way you did. She is a cool girl who really is at ease around the guys and confident in herself. When she pays a little extra attention to you it makes your heart sing. You feel so special and better then all those other guys. You won. This feeling of being the better man will stay with you for sometime especially in the beginning when other men are still trying to pursue her but once you are a couple for awhile this will stop and she will be all yours. There will be no more games and those feeling of winning may be all you wanted in getting her. If you decide to stick it out know that she is still constantly surrounded by men trying to win her over but she chooses you everyday and you still need to fight for her heart because it is not easy for her to choose you. Her world is exciting and ever changing. She meets new people constantly and is embracing each and every experience. She choose you and you are the winner.

If you find one of these amazing women and she is looking at you be kind. She is fragile beneath her tough exterior. She may seem to easily trust you and let you get to know her but the deeper part of her heart is protected. She has a well practised manner in communicating with people and making them feel at ease. This is what she learned from being a successful business person and traveler. Don’t take her a face value. Spend time with her. Dig deeper. Stick with her and you will see a side of her she doesn’t show just anyone and then you will have the best friend, lover and partner you could ever hope for.


We made it to Tarifa thank god, after the fiasco with escaping from Lebanon I’m thoroughly relieved. Tarifa really is a kiteboarding paradise. I’ve been wanting to check it out for quite some time now but as you know I usually go where few others would dare…. This time however after 7 long years of being in unpopulated places I’m craving socialisation.

Our trip here was a interesting one. We left Henley on Thames, England at 2:30 in the morning for Gatwick airport. Gatwick airport is a sight to see at that time of day. There are all walks of life in there. People I’d only ever seen on TV shows such as Jordieshore, from the groups of people wearing matching t-shirts to the drunk obnoxious guys strolling the food court I was incredibly entertained whilst waiting for our plane to board.

Thompson airways is cheap but a pretty disorganised airline. We sat there for 1 hour past the scheduled take off time before they told us the plane was broken and we would be shuttled to a new one. Once aboard the captain apologised for the delay as they could not find enough shuttle buses at that time of morning and they were still waiting for the gas truck to fuel the plane before we could take off. Thank god the flight was only 2 1/2 hours otherwise it would have been a hell. Once we landed in Jarez and made it past the 1 guy working customs we found our rental car company and were on our way. We decided to book a car online as the discounts are better for a week rental. The people at Enterprise even gave us a free upgrade which was awesome considering we would be sleeping in the car for a few nights. Navigating between Jarez and Tarifa was a little tricky at first but once we figured out which highway we were actually on the rest was easy. 1/2 way to Tarifa we stopped in a town called Chiclana for lunch, a simple task but it took us 20 min of driving through the town to what felt like nowhere before we found a restaurant.

My first glimpse of the sea took my breath away, there were hundreds of people basking in the sun and few playing in the cold water. Nick and I both thought to ourselves “it’s windy, why is no one kiting?” We will never have the answer to that question but one thing we do know is the food was terrific and the wine is cheap! I just about shed a tear when I saw you could buy a whole bottle of wine for the same price as a glass costs in Canada. I was sold right then and there. Driving the rest of the way to Tarifa and finding a place to stay was basically all a blur, by this time I was so tired from not sleeping the night before and having a few glasses of wine I could barely see. We ended up at a camping ground about 10km from Tarifa as this was the cheapest thing we could find at €25 a night. We decided to make the best of it and bought some reclining lawn chairs and a cooler from the grocery store, which were really cheap, thank god and set up camp. The spot is up a mountain in the trees which brought back good memories for me. It’s been years since I’ve been on a mountain, camping or surrounded by forest. Later that night Nick and I decided to take a stroll through old town Tarifa, for me it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Nick was laughing at my agape mouth as we walked through the tiny streets lines with bars and restaurants. Being a North American we don’t have that sort of thing on the west coast and I’d never really traveled to Europe. I would have stayed all night if we didn’t have a curfew of midnight for the car to get back into the campground.

All in all my first day in Spain has been incredible and I look forward to finding a job and a better place to stay. If anyone reading this has some connections or ideas I’m more then happy for the help.